Encompass 24.1 Release Notes - Banker Edition

Encompass 24.1 Major Release
(Version Server Patch 1/ Server Patch 2)

These are the release notes for the Encompass 24.1 Major Release. They include a high-level overview of new features, feature and form enhancements, and fixed issues, followed by more detailed information and instructions where appropriate.

These release notes also provide information about updates to the 24.1 release ( Server Patch 1 and Server Patch 2) that were made available on March 21, 2024 and April 6, 2024 respectively to address issues discovered during testing.

Refer to the online help and the Guides & Documents page for additional information and related documents.

This Encompass 24.1 Major Release will be applied to your users' computers automatically and cannot be controlled manually via the Encompass Version Manager tool. Users will receive the update upon their initial log in of Encompass following the release.

Please refer to the Major Release announcement you received from ICE Mortgage Technology for the planned release date. You can review these announcements on your My Messages page in the Resource Center. ( Click here for more information.)

What's in This Release

Highlights of this release include the following:

  • New Disclosure Features - As part of the new Encompass 24.1 automation enhancements in the web version of Encompass, new disclosure alerts and date fields are being introduced in Encompass. The alerts, which are set up and managed in the Encompass Settings > Alerts tool and triggered in loan files in the desktop and web versions of Encompass, enable lenders to ensure all required data is complete for sending disclosures (both manually and automated).

  • Pipeline Update - To help optimize Encompass Pipeline loading performance, archived loans will no longer be displayed in the Pipeline by default.

  • Withdraw eConsent - New features and settings are now available to provide options for users to withdraw eConsent agreements on behalf of borrowers.

  • New Request for Transcript of Tax Enhancements - New features are being introduced to help users enter and manage the data on the Request for Transcript of Tax and Request for Transcript of Tax (Classic) input forms:

    • New transcript request templates that enable administrators to create templates of predefined values for the transcript request that users can apply in the loan.

    • New dropdown field on the input forms that enable users to select the version of the IRS4506 or IRS Form 8821 that is being requested.

  • Zero Based Par Pricing - This new feature enables locks to be offered in basis points instead of par, by channel, to make them easier for borrowers to understand.

  • New GSE Fields and Form Updates - The ULDD/PDD, Freddie Mac Additional Data, and GSE Additional Provider Data input forms have been updated with new fields and dropdown field options to support Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Ginnie Mae specifications.

  • Encompass eClose - Encompass eClose is now enabled for all customers who use the Encompass Docs Solution to generate initial disclosures and closing documents. Authorized users can click the eClose button on the RegZ-CD input form (or other forms where the traditional Order Docs button is provided) to start ordering closing documents using the eClose workflow.

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Attention Encompass Administrators!

In addition to the important updates listed above, the following Encompass 24.1 features and settings may require additional action by the Encompass administrator. For example, by configuring or adjusting options in the Encompass settings, or reviewing and revising existing business rules affected by the new features. Please review these features to determine whether updates are required for your Encompass settings or business rules. In addition, refer to the Encompass Settings sections of the Feature Enhancements and Fixed Issues pages for specific information about new and updated Encompass settings.

Refer to the Encompass Administrator Checklist for the 24.1 Major Release  for a list of Encompass settings to review and adjust to support the policies and procedures you use when working with your installation of Encompass.

  • New Zero Based Par Pricing Settings - Use these new settings located on the Product and Pricing setting under Secondary Setup to enable locks to be offered in basis points instead of par, by channel, to make them easier for borrowers to understand.

  • New Encompass Admin Tools Settings for Automated Data Completion - In the Admin Tools > Settings Manager, a new Automated Data Completion category and related settings are now provided. Administrators can use these settings to enable Encompass to retrieve data systematically and automatically populate/complete data within the Home Counseling Provider List on the Home Counseling Providers input form and the Area Median Income (AMI) data on the Borrower Summary - Origination and other input forms. This enables the data to be completed without users having to open the form or setting and manually clicking a button or similar to populate the data.

  • Redisclose Closing Disclosure (APR, Product, Prepay) Alert Now Recognizes Construction Loans as Irregular When Considering APR Tolerance - Encompass now treats Construction Only and Construction-Perm loans as irregular for the purposes of APR tolerance, regardless of the amortization type. This update ensures these Construction loans have an APR tolerance of 0.25% instead of the 0.125% tolerance applied to regular loans.

  • New Field Data Entry Business Rule for Manner in Which Title will be Held Dropdown Field - The Field Data Entry business rule setting now provides a preconfigured rule for Manner in Which Title will be Held field. This rule is intended to be applied to the Manner in which Title will be held editable drop- down field (field ID 33) on the Borrower Information - Vesting input form. Administrators can use this rule to modify the enumerations that display in this drop-down list and specify specific enumerations they want to display on the input form.

  • Update to Enable State License IDs to be Populated via a Create Loan API Call - Encompass has been updated to enable the company’s State License ID # (field 3629) and the interviewer’s State License ID # (field ID 2306) fields to be populated with a ‘create loan’ API call.

  • Branding Update: References to AIQ Updated or Removed - As of July 2023, the AIQ product was rebranded to ICE Data & Document Automation and ICE Mortgage Analyzers. The Encompass user interface and in-product messages have been updated to reflect this new naming where applicable.

  • Update to How LTV is Calculated for Construction Loans - For Construction loans where the lot is owned free and clear, Encompass now calculates the Loan to Value (LTV) ratio as a Limited Refinance transaction in accordance with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac guidance. Previously, the LTV for these loans was calculated as a Purchase transaction.

  • Providing Access to eClosing - By default in Encompass 24.1, the eClose button will be accessible to users with the Super Administrator persona (as well as the administrator logging into Encompass with the admin user ID). Additional users can be provided access to the eClose button and eClose features via the Encompass eClose options provided in the Personas > Loan > Closing Docs settings in Encompass Settings.

System Requirements & SDK Upgrade Requirement for Encompass

Have you reviewed the latest System Requirements and upgraded the SDK?

Before downloading or applying this new Encompass release, it is important to verify the latest system requirements for Encompass client machines. Please review the System Requirements for Encompass to ensure your environment meets the requirements needed to operate Encompass successfully.

The Encompass Software Development Kit (SDK) enables developers to build custom applications that can be added on, or connected to, Encompass and the ICE Mortgage Technology Platform. If you are utilizing the Encompass SDK, a major Encompass release like this one requires you to upgrade the Encompass SDK run time environment to match the newly updated Encompass Server. If you fail to upgrade the SDK, your application will not be permitted to connect to the updated Encompass Server.

If your SDK application utilizes the Encompass SmartClient, you can automate this process so the SDK is upgraded automatically every time you apply an Encompass release. If your SDK application is installed on a computer at your location, you must manually upgrade the SDK for every release. For instructions for automating the upgrade process or manually upgrading the SDK, refer to the Upgrading the Encompass SDK page or view the SDK Programmer’s Guide.

Install Files and Downloads

Visit the Encompass SDK and Other Install Files page to access the latest download links to the SDK and common tools, including eFolder print drivers and the Encompass Document Converter.


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