New Features & Forms in Version 24.1 (Banker Edition)

This section discusses the new features being introduced in this Encompass release.

New Disclosure Features

As part of the new Encompass 24.1 automation enhancements in the web version of Encompass, new disclosure alerts and date fields are being introduced in Encompass. These disclosure compliance alerts can help ensure loans are compliant with all applicable state and federal regulations, including those applicable to timing and content of disclosures to maintain good faith with the consumer. The alerts, which are set up and managed in the Encompass Settings > Alerts tool and triggered in loan files in the desktop and web versions of Encompass, enable lenders to ensure all required data is complete for sending disclosures (both manually and automated).

These new alerts and disclosure date fields are part of a broader initiative to provide automation features in the web version of Encompass. Setting up and enabling these alerts in Encompass Settings ensure that the alerts will be triggered in the desktop version of Encompass when the alert conditions are met, but they will not be triggered in the web version of Encompass without additional configuration of workflow rules and other requirements. For more information about the automation enhancements in the web version of Encompass 24.1, including data perfection tools, schedulers, and configurable rules to trigger loan actions, refer to the Encompass (web version) 24.1 release notes.

Encompass Pipeline

New Option to Withdraw eConsent on Behalf of a Borrower

New features have been added to the Encompass Admin Tools > Server Settings Manager and the eConsent Status window in loan files to provide options for users to withdraw eConsent agreements on behalf of borrowers.

New Request for Transcript of Tax Features

New features are being introduced to help users enter and manage the data on the Request for Transcript of Tax and Request for Transcript of Tax (Classic) input forms: new transcript request templates and a new dropdown field on the input forms that enable users to select the version of the IRS4506 or IRS Form 8821 that is being requested.

Zero Based Par Pricing

New Fields Added to Encompass


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