Encompass 22.3 Release Notes

Encompass 22.3 Major Release

These are the release notes for the Encompass 22.3 Major Release. They include a high-level overview of features and enhancements and fixed issues, followed by more detailed information and instructions where appropriate. Refer to the online help and the Guides & Documents page for additional information and related documents.

What's In This Release

User Interface Update

  • New Custom Left Navigation Menus (NGENY-30043) - Administrators can now create custom versions of the left navigation menu to display in the loan workspace for loan team members based on loan channel conditions. To accomplish this, administrators create different templates for the navigation menu to apply to the loan, specifying the loan channel(s) in which to display this template and the items to display in the menu. Templates can be configured with one or more loan channels.

  • Alt Text Added to Field Search for ADA Support (ENCW-75519) - ADA support has been added to the field search icon. This update enables screen readers to read the phrase “Field Search” for the Field Search icon.

  • Pipeline Updates (ENCW-61703) - The Pipeline has been updates to provide a better user experience. Pagination has been added to the pipeline to display a set number of loans per page, rather than displaying one long list of loans. Additionally, users can now see when a Pipeline view is filtered by an advanced search and what those search parameters are.

Form & Tool Enhancements

  • Funding Worksheet Support Added (ENCW-63334) - Support for the Funding Worksheet tool has been added to the web version of Encompass. Use the Funding Worksheet to record information related to the disbursement of the loan funds and to calculate the amount of the wire transfer.

  • Updated to the Flood Zone Drop-Down List (ENCW-73436) - Updates have been made to the Flood Zone drop-down list (field ID 541) to add additional options.
  • Reg Z Form Renamed to RegZ (ENCW-72879) - The naming of the Reg Z form has been changed to RegZ to maintain parity with the desktop version of Encompass.

  • New Section for Homeownership Education on the Homeownership Education & Housing Counseling Form (ENCW-76237) - A new section has been added to the Homeownership Education & Housing Counseling form which enables users to enter a separate set of information for homeownership education.

  • Updates to the Average Representative Credit Score (ENCW-76091) - Updates have been made to the Average Representative Credit Score (field ID 4752) to resolve an issue that caused an AUS Data Discrepancy Alert to trigger after receiving a Fannie Mae Desktop Underwriting (DU) report for a loan with only one borrower (or for a loan with two borrowers but only one credit score).

  • Additional Fields Now Display Cents Instead of Rounding (ENCW-75489) To enable lenders to record unrounded income and rental amounts, the Total Gross Monthly Income and Rent fields (current and former addresses) no longer round the values entered. Additionally, lock icons have been added to the Total Gross Monthly Income fields to enable users to override the calculated values for these fields.

  • Added Foreign Address Support to Credit Information & Ordering Form (ENCW-72254) - Support for foreign addresses has been added to the Credit Information & Ordering form. This option enables users to indicate that current address for the borrower/co-borrower is a foreign address and to provide details about that foreign address.

  • New FRE Indicators Added to the Source of Funds List on the VOAL (NGENY-29946) - The Source of Funds drop-down list in the Verification of Additional Loans (VOAL) input form has been updated to include the letters FRE in options on the list to indicate that these options apply to Freddie Mac.

Workflow Automation Enhancements

  • New Task Updated Triggering Event Added (ENCW-72753) - Added a new triggering event that triggers when a task status is changed or when a task disposition changes. This event enables administrators to track status or disposition changes on tasks.

  • Task Completed Triggering Event Updated to Support Disposition of Task (ENCW-72483) - The Task Completed triggering event has been updated to enable administrators to create a rule that triggers when a specific task is completed with a specific disposition.

  • Update Task Disposition Resulting Action Added (ENCW-72891) - Added a new Update Task Disposition resulting action to update task disposition automatically. Use this action to automatically indicate exception by setting the appropriate disposition value and then trigger subsequent automation (via another rule leveraging the Task Updated triggering event) such as creating another task to handle the exception.

  • Apply Selected Enhanced Conditions Automatically (ENCW-71870) - Updated the Apply Enhanced Conditions resulting action to enable the automatic application of specific enhanced conditions. With this update, users can choose to add specific enhanced conditions directly from the Workflow Rule configuration. This enables adding specific enhanced conditions to a loan automatically based on granular triggering events, such as a task being updated to a specific disposition or fields being modified.

  • Tag Support Added for Workflow Rules (ENCW-72660) - Support has been added for adding tags to Workflow Rules. Tags enable administrators to classify & identify related rules. Related rules with the same tag value can be filtered based on the tag value.

Services Updates

  • Underwriting Center Updates
    • One Click Ordering (GSE-25514, GSE-25515): New EarlyCheck and LQA buttons supporting One Click Ordering

    • Compare Prior Submission (GSE-25007, GSE-25068, GSE-25404, GSE-25400, GSE-25406, GSE-25405):

      • New field labels and data mapping for both DU Response and LPA Response sections

      • Data mapped to Fannie Mae Rep & Warrant Loan Summary Status and Freddie Mac Rep & Warrant Loan Summary Status

      • Data mapped to Rep and Warrant Borrower Status (primary borrower pair) for both Fannie Mae DU and Freddie Mac LPA

    • Rep and Warrant Tracker (GSE-25401): New Make Primary button

Enhanced Conditions Updates

  • Added New Owner Field to Enhanced Conditions (ENCW-61408) - A new Owner field has been added to Enhanced Conditions which can be used to track the role assigned to the condition. Users can also sort the Conditions pipeline by the new Owner field.

Mobile Web Enhancements

  • ESign Process Updated (ENCW-69467) - The eSign process for the mobile web version of encompass has been updated to provide an experience similar to the web version of Encompass. With this change, users can access their list of packages that need to be eSigned under the new Packages option.

Prospect Engagement

  • Lead Save Functionality Enhancements (Mobile) (LOC-3009):

    • Auto-Save attempts during Details section navigation

    • Summary page updated to identify sections with missing required fields and/or data validation issues

  • Sales Enablement (LOC-3282): Usability enhancements for Desktop and Mobile applications:

    • Desktop:

      • Complete redesign of all List Views within the Prospects tab

      • Pagination vs infinite scroll

      • Lesser number of leads retrieved per page for better load time performance

    • Mobile:

      • Lead Summary page updates:

        • Floating icons vs tool bar

        • Ellipses action icon moved from the toolbar to the header

Web Input Form Builder Updates

  • New Modified By and Modified Date Columns on Custom Forms Page (NGENY-12569, NGENY-13212) - New columns to indicate when a custom form was last modified and by whom are now provided on the Custom Forms page in the Admin view. The Modified By column indicates the Encompass user ID of the individual who last modified the form and the Modified Date column indicates the date and time the form was last modified.

  • New Button Action Now Available to Build Beneficiaries (NGENY-28935) - Custom form designers using the Web Input Form Builder can now add or modify buttons on custom forms that mimic the functionality of the Build Beneficiary buttons provided on the Borrower Information - Vesting input form in the web version of Encompass.

  • Field Lock Option Added to Maximum Points and Fees Allowed Field (NGENY-30298) - The Field Lock icon option is now available to be applied to the Maximum Points and Fees Allowed field (field ID S32DISC.X101) in the Web Input Form Builder.

System Requirements for Encompass

Have you reviewed the latest System Requirements?

Before downloading or applying this new Encompass release, it is important to verify the latest system requirements. Review the System Requirements for Encompass to ensure your environment meets the requirements needed to operate Encompass successfully.


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