Product System Requirements and Compatibility Matrix

Before installing Encompass or other products offered by ICE Mortgage Technology, verify the system requirements detailed in this document. When installing Encompass, additional third-party applications (such as Amyuni PDF Converter) are installed by the Encompass Installation Manager if the applications are not already on your computer.

System requirements are subject to change as ICE Mortgage Technology updates the software to accommodate new features and regulation requirements.

This compatibility matrix provides information about the interoperability of the ICE Mortgage Technology suite of products and various components, operating systems, browsers, and other products. Refer to this Legend to understand the Recommended, Supported, Not Supported, and Incompatible designations in the matrices.

Please also refer to the Firewall IP Allow List to help ensure that you have included the URLs and IP addresses that are required to access ICE Mortgage Technology products and services on your allow list.



Key Meaning


Fully Supported. We recommend this combined platform for the best


We support usage of this version and will fix issues that are found.

Not Supported

We have not tested and do not support usage of this version,
however, it has been known to be used successfully at some customer sites.


We have tested this version and it does not work with our solution.

Minimum requirements are based on the computer running the operating system, the Microsoft Office application and Encompass. Other applications running on the computer have their own requirements that need to be taken into consideration.

Minimum Internet connection requirements are based on average bandwidth usage. Bandwidth usage varies based on the number of users accessing items over the Internet, as well as the Encompass features and other applications being accessed over the Internet. In general, additional bandwidth will improve the user experience during peak usage periods, for example, during month-end closing.

Only the Recommended and Supported items indicated in this compatibility matrix have been tested for certification with Encompass. Any third-party applications that you may use within your installation must be independently tested for compatibility and will not be recognized as compatible with the Encompass Platform by ICE Mortgage Technology.

ICE Mortgage Technology supports only the current and previous 1 (one) major release version of Encompass (i.e., the last major release version prior to the most current major release version). Encompass features, function, and all ancillary services dependent on Encompass are not designed to function or retain compatibility with an unsupported version. ICE Mortgage Technology does not release product changes to unsupported versions of our products and services.

Accessibility Note: Any accessibility features available for products when accessed via web browser on a computer may or may not be available when accessed via mobile device or tablet, despite being listed as Recommended or Supported.

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The system requirements represented here reflect a single instance of Encompass running on a user's workstation. It is not recommended to run more than a single Encompass user session while operating with the minimum requirements listed in this document. Encompass response times will be impacted with multiple user sessions running concurrently, commensurate with the system hardware and network specs listed in this document.