Encompass 24.1 Release Notes

Encompass 24.1 Major Release

These are the release notes for the Encompass 24.1 Major Release. They include a high-level overview of new features and forms, updates and enhancements, and fixed issues, followed by more detailed information and instructions where appropriate. Refer to the online help and the Guides & Documents page for additional information and related documents.

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What's In This Release

User Interface Updates

  • Added Ability to Manage Pipeline Views (ENCW-67001, ENCW-96498, ENCW-71341) - Added support for users to modify, manage, set as default, and create new Pipeline views. Additionally, users can save a company view as a personal view, and set a company view as their default view.

  • New Show All and Show in Alpha Order Options for Forms and Tools in Left Navigation Menu (ENCW-89121) - For users who have access to forms or tools (based on their persona) provided in the left navigation menu in a custom item set, new Show All and Alpha Sort options are now provided. Use the Show All option to display all standard and custom forms and tools that you have access to based on your persona (in addition to the forms or tools included in the custom item set). Use the Alpha Sort option to display the forms or tools listed in the custom item set in alphanumeric order instead of the default order configured by the administrator in the custom item set.

  • New Notify Me Feature Added for Locked Loans (ENCW-89081) - A new Notify Me feature is now available to enable users to receive a notification when a locked loan becomes available.

  • Disclosure Compliance Alerts Added (ENCW-82315) - New alerts have been added which enable users to satisfy required fields in order to indicate that the loan is ready for disclosure. The following alerts are available when configured by an administrator:

    • Three-Day Disclosure Requirements

    • At App Disclosure Requirements

    • Redisclose Loan Estimate (Rate Lock)

    • Redisclose Loan Estimate (Changed Circumstance)

Encompass eFolder

  • Encompass eFolder (DOCP-50991) - The Encompass eFolder is now available in the web version of Encompass for users who utilize the new document viewer. The eFolder provides a central location for Electronic Document Management (EDM) within Encompass, allowing you to access and manage the electronic files, documents, and conditions associated with a loan. The eFolder tracks document-related activities wherever they take place. For example, if you order a credit report from the Borrower Summary form, the request is recorded in the eFolder, and the report can be stored in a Document Folder. The eFolder in the web version of Encompass provides all of the features and functionality provided in the desktop version of Encompass, along with an enhanced user experience and usability.

  • Generate and Send Initial Disclosures (ENCW-73994) -Encompass users can now generate initial disclosures and send them to borrowers. When the disclosures are sent, borrowers are notified by email that disclosure documents are available in Encompass Consumer Connect (or the Loan Center). Borrowers can print and then return the documents by fax (using the provided fax cover sheet) or by mail, or they can provide an electronic signature and you can then retrieve the documents from an Encompass Consumer Connect website or the Loan Center.

Disclosure Tracking

  • Disclosure Tracking Tool Added (ENCW-84142) - The Disclosure Tracking tool is now available in the web version of Encompass. This tool provides disclosure timelines and tracking dates, the disclosure history, and the latest disclosure details.

  • New Option to Withdraw eConsent Added (ENCW-94461) - Added option to withdraw consent on behalf of the borrower from the eConsent Status page.

Form & Tool Enhancements

Workflow Management

  • Notification Templates Feature Added (ENCW-83453) - A new Notification Templates feature has been added to enable administrators to define email notification templates that can be invoked by a workflow rule to send an email notification when a selected triggering event occurs.

  • Scheduler Templates Feature Added (ENCW-83455) - A new Scheduler Templates feature has been added to enable administrators to define schedulers that can be started or canceled by workflow rules. Schedulers can be used to schedule automation and tasks based on triggering events and loan level date fields.

  • New Automation Audit Feature Added (ENCW-91867) - A new Automation Audit feature has been added to the application launcher. This new feature enables administrators to view the status of attempted workflow rule automation for a specific loan or type of resulting action. Lenders can also see active schedulers on a specific loan.

  • New Scheduler Completed Triggering Event Added (ENCW-81944) - A new Scheduler Completed triggering event has been added which enables administrators to trigger automated actions when a selected scheduler has completed.

  • New Send Disclosures Resulting Action Added (ENCW-81948) - A new Send Disclosure resulting action has been added which enables administrators to send initial disclosures when the rule is triggered. This resulting action utilizes loan fields for necessary information, such as the plan code, borrower email address, etc. Additionally, the configuration defined in the Encompass Settings > Docs Setup > eDisclosure Packages configured in the desktop version of Encompass is used to determine the package type and document settings for each package.

  • Nested Action Support Added to Workflow Rules (ENCW-82550) - Nested Resulting Actions are now supported for Workflow Rules. This update enables a lender to create a task, send a notification, or start a scheduler based off the success or failure of an attempted automation (for certain resulting actions).

  • Advanced Conditions Support Added for Resulting Actions (ENCW-91926) - Added support for advanced conditions to be defined under each resulting action in a workflow rule. This enables administrators to manage small processes with branching logic within a single rule.

  • New Send Notification Resulting Action Added (ENCW-81949) - Added a new Send Notification resulting action which enables a workflow rule to invoke a specific notification template when the rule is triggered.

  • New Start Scheduler Resulting Action Added (ENCW-82592) - Added a new Start Scheduler resulting action which enables an administrator to start a scheduler from a selected scheduler template when the rule is triggered.

  • New Cancel Scheduler Resulting Action Added (ENCW-82592) - Added a new Cancel Scheduler resulting action which enables an administrator to cancel a selected scheduler when the rule is triggered.

  • New Due Date Calculation Basis Added to Task Global Settings (ENCW-94159) - A new setting has been added to provide more control over when a Due Date is calculated for a task. Administrators can now elect to calculate the due date at the time tasks are added to a loan.

  • New Group Assignment Added to Tasks (ENCW-91425) A new Group Assignment option has been added to the task configuration page to enable a task to be assigned to an Encompass user group when the task is created on a loan. This option enables lenders to create shared task pipelines for teams within their organization.

Tasks Pipeline

  • Tasks Pipeline Redesigned (ENCW-81945) The Tasks Pipeline has been redesigned to display tasks based on their due date. Tasks are grouped to display overdue tasks first, followed by tasks that are on schedule.

Services Updates

GSE Integrations and Services

MI Center

  • Rate Quote Comparison Updates (TQL-37411, TQL-39507) -

    • New MI Center Rate Quote Comparison Settings: Use this page to manage default behaviors on the Rate Quote Comparison page.

    • Compare Rate Quotes: Use this button to view the most recent collection of rate quotes data.

  • Document Upload Updates (TQL-39645) - Select and Upload Documents window updated to support Stacking Order templates.

  • New Coverage Activation (TQL-37322, TQL-39803): A new coverage activation panel has been added to the Order Summary page displaying new activation info such as activation status, activation message from MI provider, and activation date-time.

Underwriting Center

  • ICE Mortgage Analyzers in Encompass (GSE-27018) - Encompass users can access Income Analyzer and Credit Analyzer directly within Encompass and enjoy better efficiency and user experience. By automating the traditional manual process of collecting loan information, lenders can use the ICE Mortgage Analyzers to accelerate their loan review process.

    Encompass users can access analyzers by going to the Underwriting Center, opening the Analyzers pane, and then selecting Income or Credit Analyzer.

    The following prerequisites must be completed in order to utilize Mortgage Analyzers in Encompass:

    • Encompass instance must be enabled for integration with Mortgage Analyzers (instance level validation)

    • Encompass loan must be mirrored in Mortgage Analyzers (loan level validation)

    • Workspace assigned to the user role must contain Mortgage Analyzers (user level validation)

  • Comparing Loan Application Data with the Analyzer Results (ENCW-93745) - The new Compare and Import tool provides an easy way for Encompass users to compare the income data stated on the loan application and the income calculated by the Income Analyzer, and then import Income Analyzer data into the loan in one convenient location. Encompass users can access the tool by going to the Underwriting Center, opening the Analyzers pane, and then selecting the Compare and Import tool.

Feature Enhancements

Mobile View Updates

Web Customization Updates

  • Importing and Exporting Custom Forms with Custom Fields (ENCW-89080) - When managing custom forms in the Web Input Form Builder, you can now import (or export) custom forms that include custom calculations in custom fields. After importing and then activating a custom form, the custom calculated values will be reflected on the form in Encompass (desktop version).

  • New Button Actions (ENCW-97441, ENCW-97442, ENCW-97446, ENCW-97666, ENCW-99655) - When adding or managing buttons on a custom form in the Web Input Form Builder, the following new button actions are now available to apply: Apply Partial Exemption, Calculate ULI, Recalculate HMDA/Apply Partial Exemption, Property Information - Disaster Declaration, and HMDA Transmittal Sheet.

Fixed Issues

System Requirements for Encompass

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Before downloading or applying this new Encompass release, it is important to verify the latest system requirements. Review the System Requirements for Encompass to ensure your environment meets the requirements needed to operate Encompass successfully.


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