Encompass LO Connect 21.3 Major Release Notes

Encompass LO Connect 21.3 Major Release

These are the release notes for the Encompass LO Connect 21.3 Major Release. They include a high-level overview of features and enhancements and fixed issues, followed by more detailed information and instructions where appropriate. Refer to the online help and the Guides & Documents page for additional information and related documents.

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Areas of Focus

Rebranding Updates

  • Ellie Mae to ICE Mortgage Technology Rebranding (ENCW-58383) - Updates Ellie Mae references with ICE Mortgage Technology. Encompass logo updated as well. Note that beginning October 2nd, users will see new logos on the log-in page and Encompass LO Connect, even if your Encompass instance is still on version 21.2.

Form & Tool Enhancements

  • New ATR/QM Forms ( ENCW-46850) - With this initial release, the Qualification and ATR/QM Eligibility forms have been added to provide a convenient, central location for recording the information you obtain to determine the borrower's ability to repay the loan and to help you document compliance with general ability-to-repay standards or eligibility for qualified mortgages status.

  • New Net Tangible Benefit Tool (ENCW-58312) - Support added for the Net Tangible Benefit tool to enable users to disclose the benefit to the borrower when one or more existing loans are being refinanced with a new loan.

  • TPO Information Tool Update (ENCW-63732) - Tool rearranged and updated to add new fields.

  • Disable Subject Property Address (ENCW-62763) - Disabled the Subject Property Address field (Encompass field 11) on ULDD/PDD Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae forms for URLA 2020 loans.

  • Calculation Updates (ENCW-63143) - A number of calculation changes have been made to several fields in LO Connect to support ULAD MISMO specifications for the Verification of Other Assets (VOOA) and Verification of Gifts and Grants (VOGG).

  • Loan-Level Control of Loan Amount Rounding Added (ENCW-62513) - To support the purchase and sale of USDA loans with cents included in the loan amount, Encompass LO Connect now provides a new Loan Amount Rounding check box (Encompass field 4745) method that enables users to override the company-wide loan amount rounding option set in the Encompass Admin Tools. This field is available on the Borrower Summary - Origination form.

  • Employment & Income Page Updated for URLA 2020 Forms (ENCW-61298) - Employment & Income page updated on 2020 URLA Forms to add Household Income and Stable Income sections.

ESign Update

  • ESign Process Updated (ENCW-60099) – The eSign process has been updated to provide a better user experience for users. With this change, users can access their list of packages that need to be eSigned under the new Packages tab in LO Connect.

Navigation Update

Workflow Enhancements

  • Workflow Rules Query Builder Added (ENCW-56984) - A new Query Builder enables administrators to create advanced conditions in Workflow Rules using a point and click interface to build conditions. This feature enabled users to build conditions without extensive knowledge of the .NET programming language.
  • Workflow Rules Export/Import Functionality Added (ENCW-54034) - A new Export/Import feature has been added to enable administrators export existing workflow rules or import rules from another environment to a new one. This feature will help with moving rules between a test and production environment.

  • Milestone Completed Event Added to Workflow Rules Triggers (ENCW-52976) - Administrators can now configure workflow rules to trigger when a milestone is completed.

  • Some Workflow Rules Events Now Work With Encompass (ENCW-62669) - With this release, workflow rules configured for some events for some events now trigger when the event is completed in Encompass as well as in Encompass LO Connect. The following events are affected: Field Value Modified, Document Added, Role Assigned, Milestone Completed. Note that the field assigned to the Field Value Modified trigger should be added to the reporting database and included in the Audit Trail.

Task Framework Enhancements

  • Added Ability to Modify Task Due Date (ENCW-59850) - Users with the appropriate persona permissions are now able to manually set the due date for a task. A lock icon has been added to the task due date field, which the user can select to override the calculated due date with a custom one.

  • Task Group and Stand-Alone Task Import/Export Functionality Added (ENCW-57280) - A new Import/Export feature has been added to enable administrators export existing/import new task groups and stand-alone from one environment to another. This feature will help with moving rules between a test and production environment.

Credit Integration Updates

  • Corelogic Credco Removed From Credit Provider List (ASO-9020) - The Corelogic Credco integration has been removed from Encompass LO Connect. This specific product was sunset by the provider. Users can use Corelogic Credco (Digital Certificate) instead.

New Loan Import Feature

New Underwriting Center Tool

  • Added New Underwriting Center (UWC) Tool (GSE-18252) - Use the Underwriting Center in Encompass LO Connect to view all your automated underwriting/GSE service order details for DU, LPA, EarlyCheck, LQA, and add details of a manual order. For orders displayed on the UWC, you can view the loan snapshot for loan details at the time of order placement, and copy order details to the Transmittal Summary. For users to be able to access the UWC in Encompass LO Connect, authorized Encompass users such as Encompass admins need to assign an Encompass persona that has Underwriting Center enabled.

Update for Secure Scripting Framework (SSF)

Web Import Form Builder

  • Sticky Form Header Now Supported (NGENY-14604) -Custom forms designed in Encompass Web Input Form Builder are now configured with a sticky header. When the form is used in Encompass LO Connect, the name of the form now remains persistent at the top of the form so it remains visible and in place as the user scrolls down on the form.

  • New Options When Starting a Custom Form: New Templates and Import Feature (NGENY-27368, NGENY-27370) - When creating a new form, there are new options now provided. Templates of existing standard forms are now provided and an option to import an existing form into the form builder is now provided.

  • New Option to Remove the Border from Text Input Fields (NGENY-26275, NGENY-26339) - When managing text box fields on custom input forms, the Properties panel for the text box now features a Yes/No toggle option that the form designer can use to remove the border from the text box field.

  • Persona Access Now Honored for Custom Forms in Card Layout (NGENY-23017) - If the Encompass administrator has restricted access to a custom input form in Encompass LO Connect (via Persona settings) and the form is configured to display in the card layout dashboard, the card that is linked to the form is now also hidden from the card dashboard for applicable users.

Prospect Engagement

  • Prospect Engagement (LOC-114) - New Communications Hub/Dialer panel displayed across all tabs/windows enabling you to access the panel from anywhere in the application, view your Call History for the last seven days, and click to redial from the Call History by tapping on a call

The hub/panel displays only if your Encompass instance is enabled with the Prospect Engagement package and the logged in user has access to Dial-IQ (in Velocify).


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