Encompass Investor Connect Release Notes - 21.3 Major Release

The Encompass Investor Connect 21.3 Release Notes describe new and enhanced features in this release, including the new and enhanced features listed below. Refer to the online help and the Guides & Documents page for additional information and related documents.

Areas of Focus

Loan Delivery Workflow Updates

  • Updates to the Loan Delivery Workflow - The loan package submission workflow has been simplified and streamlined with a redesigned Encompass Pipeline menu and changes to the loan delivery windows.

    • The Pipeline menu now includes a new Loan Delivery Services option that opens a new Deliver Loans window where users can select an Encompass Investor Connect service category, select the partner who will receive the package, and complete details about the loan delivery.

    • The various windows used in the loan delivery process have been redesigned with a more user-friendly interface.

    • Missing required documents are now flagged upfront on the Deliver Loans window, enabling users to quickly identify and add missing documents.

    • Lenders can now preview documents that will be included in a delivery package without leaving the Encompass Investor Connect submission windows, and documents can now be previewed from both the Review Documents and Add Documents windows.

New Encompass Fields for Loan Delivery Tracking

  • Audit Tracking for Encompass Investor Connect Delivery Fields - A new set of repeatable fields has been added to Encompass to track the history of delivery statuses for loans sent to partners via Encompass Investor Connect. These fields can be added to Encompass Pipeline views, custom forms, and reports to track changes in status that have occurred to the loan during the delivery process and to view the history of status changes for audit tracking purposes.

Notifications and Messages

  • Enhance Email Notifications for Loan Deliveries - A new Email Notification feature for Encompass Investor Connect has replaced the email feature used in previous versions of Encompass. The feature can be configured to provide email notifications to the user who sent the loan delivery whenever specified changes occur in a delivery status or a partner response.

  • Updated Error Messages - Encompass Investor Connect error messages have been updated to make the wording more concise and intuitive, to provide users with additional information for addressing the issues that resulted the error message, and to update product branding by replacing “Ellie Mae” with “ICE Mortgage Technology.”


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