Quick Reference Guides

Quick Reference Guides are one-page, easy-to-follow workflows of common tasks and processes in Encompass Investor Connect.

Configure Encompass Investor Connect
This guide provides a high-level overview of the configuration steps your Encompass administrator needs to complete before Encompass users can submit data and documents via Encompass Investor Connect.

Deliver Loans Via Encompass Investor Connect
Use Encompass Investor Connect to ensure the delivery of accurate, compliant, and tamper-proof loan data and documents to partners via a secure system-to-system workflow. The service enables authorized Encompass users to select loans on the Encompass Pipeline and generate a delivery that includes loan documents and data.

Configure and Use Delivery Conditions in Encompass Investor Connect
If you work with a partner who has enabled the delivery condition workflow, this guide provides a high-level overview of steps your administrator need to complete the workflow and the steps your Encompass user must complete to work with conditions.