Custom Print Forms

Use the Custom Print Forms tool to create custom templates for forms, letters, and other documents. You can include references to fields such as Borrower Last Name, Loan Number, and Loan Amount, so that the appropriate loan-specific values are automatically added to the printed form.

To create a custom print form, you can start a new form, copy an existing custom form, or import .doc or .rtf formatted forms from Calyx Point or other sources.

Note: The Custom Print Forms feature does not support the use of variable fields within text boxes.

About public and personal print forms

To Create a New Form:

  1. On the menu bar, click Encompass, and then click Settings.

  2. On the left panel, click Loan Setup, and then click Custom Print Forms.

  3. On the Custom Print Forms setting, select the Public or Personal folder in which you want to add the custom form.

  4. Click the New icon, type the name of the custom form, and then (with the new form selected) click the Edit icon.

    • Microsoft Word and the Insert Fields window open.

  5. Create the form content, layout, and formatting as required.

  6. Use the Insert Fields window to add variable fields as follows:

    Note: It is highly recommended that you follow these steps to insert variable fields. Using other techniques, such as copying and pasting a field and then modifying the field label, can cause problems. For example, if you copy a field and modify the label, the underlying field code doesn't change to match the label. If you do not change the field code as well, the fields may not pull the loan information you expect when the form is printed.

  7. To search for a field, type a keyword in the Search field, and then click Search.

  8. To add a field that is not in one of the category lists, click Insert Other.

    • Type the Field ID and click OK. To determine a field ID, move your mouse pointer over a field on an form. The ID will display in a pop-up box.

  9. Select an option from the Intended For dropdown list.

    • This selection configures the document packages in which the custom for will be included: Borrower, Co-Borrower, or Both.

    • This selection also determines the types of signature points (borrower, co-borrower, or both) that are available in the following step.

  10. If this form will be included in an eDisclosure package that requires eSigning, insert eSigning signature points as follows:

    • Click the location in the document where you want to add the signature point.

    • In the Insert Fields window, click the signature point you want to insert.

    Note: Make sure you insert all your signature points inside the margins of your Microsoft Word document. An error will occur if you send an eDisclosure package that contains a custom form that has signature points outside the established margins. You will not be able to send the eDisclosure package until the custom form is removed from the package or the signature points are set inside the margins of the custom form.

  11. When finished, click Save, and then click Close.

    • Microsoft Word and the Insert Field dialog box close, the form is added to the custom forms list, and is available for printing using the Print tool.

For detailed information about adding virtual fields for enhanced conditions to a custom print form, refer to the Adding Virtual Fields to a Custom Output Form section in Appendix A of the Working with Enhanced Conditions Setup and User Guide.

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