Input Form Builder: Creating Custom Fields

Use the Loan Custom Field Editor to create an unlimited number of loan fields to meet the specific requirements of your business. After you define custom fields, use the Custom Fields form (on the Forms tab) to enter the custom data for each loan.

Predefined Custom Field IDs

There are 100 predefined custom field IDs, in the format "CUST99FV". You can create a description, set the maximum field length, and select a format for these fields. You cannot delete predefined field IDs.

User-Defined Custom Field IDs

You can also create an unlimited number of your own custom field IDs. These custom field IDs always begin with a CX. prefix, followed by an ID of your choice. For example, "CX.TEST.1". You can create the same field information as for the predefined field IDs. You can also delete a these custom field ID if needed.

Custom Calculations

You can create custom calculations for both pre-defined and user-defined field IDs. A custom calculation is an expression that returns a number or text value, which is then saved into the associated custom field.

Custom calculations can contain simple arithmetic operations, mathematical operations, text-based operations, date-based operations, values from other fields in the same loan, and branching and logical operations. Click the link to open and print the document, "Loan Custom Field Calculations". This document contains detailed instructions and examples for creating each type of custom calculation.

To Create a Custom Field:

Note: Your ability to create or modify custom fields using the Custom Field Editor depends on the user settings defined by your system administrator. Users who cannot create new custom fields can add existing custom fields to a form, however they cannot modify them.

  1. Click a control and drag it to the workspace.

  2. Click the Field property and then click .

  3. Click the Custom Fields tab and then click the New/Editbutton.

  4. Double-click a field on the Custom Fields list (such as CUST01FV).

  5. Type a description of the field.

  6. Select a format for the field.

    • If you select String, type a maximum length of characters value in the Max Length box. (If you do not set a MaxLength, the number of characters allowed is unlimited.)

    • If you selected DROPDOWN or DROPDOWN-Editable, complete the steps below to create a list of valid values for the field.

      1. Click the  Add button to the right of the Options box.

      2. Type the name of the option and press Enter.

      3. Add additional options as required. To edit an option, click the option and begin typing. Use the Delete button to delete entries.

    • If you selected Audit for the Format, the custom field will contain last-change information for the field ID you specify.

      1. In the Audit Field field, type the field ID for which to display the last-change information.

      2. Select one of the three Audit Data options to specify the type of last-change information to display.

  7. When finished, click Save.

To Create a User-Defined Custom Field ID:

  1. On the upper-right of the Custom Fields list, click the New icon.

  2. Type a Field ID, and then complete the "To Create a Custom Field" steps above.